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Our Vision

Ezekiel 47:9 “Where the river flows everything will live.”

Our Mission

We are a cross-cultural, internationally minded church growing together, discipling each other, and sourcing mission from Uganda, the source of the Nile. For God's glory, for our good, and for blessing of the nations.We seek to reproduce leaders rather than our church, and we work collaboratively with other churches to build a missions movement from Uganda to the world.


We are part of the modern evangelical tradition, and we hold to historic, orthodox Christian beliefs as affirmed in the Apostles and Nicene Creeds.

About Us

What Makes us Different

  • Internationally Minded & Proudly African – We are a community of believers from around the world who call Kampala home, and who love Africa and believe that God has great things in store for Uganda and this continent.

  • Taking the Word to Heart & into Life – We love God’s word and value clear, consistent, Biblical teaching. We also memorize scripture, have panel discussions and interviews, and regular Q & A sessions – bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ from our head, into our hearts, and into how we live our lives.

  • Mission Focused & Discipleship Driven – We disciple our members and network with others for a of mission movement from Uganda, and we give 20% of our income for the same goal.

  • Growing Families & Growing Leaders – We are a church family growing together, from our discipleship classes to our Jesus-focused teaching in our children’s ministry (The Well). We grow and reproduce Kingdom leaders in our church, rather than focussing on growing our own kingdom or reproducing our own church.

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